5 best beaches in Ibiza


Take a leisurely drive to the northwest of the island, and you will discover a
picture postcard cove as small as it is tranquil.Perfect for a spot of snorkelling within the clear crystalline waters. The
cove is dotted with traditional fisherman huts that are reached if you walk
around the rocks and find a secluded place to sunbathe and swim, peace is
guaranteed even during the busier summer months


Is one of the most stunning beaches north of San Antonio. Once you arrive
at the main beach take a right and walk along the cliff's edge and down the
side of the rocks where you will discover the smaller cove of Cala Salada.

Tropical shallow azure waters welcome you against a dramatic rocky
backdrop, relax in the sun as you escape the crowds. There are no
restaurants or services here; however, drinks, fresh pineapple, and fresh
coconuts are brought from the locals who sell direct from their ice boxes on
the beach.


Is a little piece of paradise entered between two majestic red cliffs and
famous for its beautiful clear shallow waters and soft golden sand. This
beach is perfect for families with small children. Here you can visit ancient
Phoenician ruins that have been world heritage listed.The famous restaurant of Sa Caleta serves up some of the best traditional
fish recipes on the island where you can dine literally at the water's edge.
Just remember to try their white sangria and great Sa Caleta coffee.



A beach that attracts families as well as the fashion elite. Booking in
advance for sunbeds is a must at family-friendly Tropicana Beach Club, and
Its exclusive neighbours Blue Marlin and Yamanja.

This stunning rocky
coastline is perfect for swimming with the sea being accessed via several
jetties. The ideal spot for a long leisurely lunch and even a place to dance at
Blue Marlin as the sun sinks behind the horizon and the movers and
shakers of the island gather to party. round. I love to take
the boat early evening during the summer months.


Famous for its long stretch of fine golden sand, turquoise water and even a
spot of rock jumping. The shallow, tranquil waters make it a safe place for
young children.

Here you will also find a choice of water sports for when
you are feeling active and a selection of delicious Mediterranean
restaurants serving delicious local produce and fresh fish.



Writer: Helen Beach
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